Day 1: April 9, 1991

What I Remember

It’s hard to call April 9, 1991 anything other than one of the most exciting days of my life. I was in a place I had never been but had seen on television many times, there was a film crew from ESPN there filming us and we were about to set out on a six month journey without so much as an idea of where we would stay on the first night. I also remember the colors, specifically three of them. There was the beautiful deep green of the Oakland Coliseum’s perfectly manicured field with its signature cross-hatch mowed into it. There was the crisp starched white of the A’s uniforms and there was an impossibly blue sky overhead on a gorgeous April evening in the East Bay.

The Game

Oakland Athletics 7 Minnesota Twins 2

We would see the Twins again at our last game more than six months later where there would be a different outcome.

The Box

Rickey Henderson’s stolen base put him within one of Lou Brock’s all-time record but it would be another three weeks until he finally broke the record he owns to this day.

The Trip

We took a week to drive out to Oakland from my mom’s house in New Jersey and made the trip with our friends Tim Ashe and Christine Fairweather who also went to this game.

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