Day 2: April 10, 1991

Reno, NV

What I Remember

The headline below gets it right. My lasting memory of our first stop in the Minor Leagues, in Reno, NV on a Wednesday night, was that it was cold…really cold. We had slept a few hours in a Burger King parking lot off Interstate 80 and so arrived at Moana Stadium in Reno in the late morning, several hours before an evening game. The wind whipped, even in the afternoon and after an interview with the GM of the team about life as the head of an independent league team (the Reno Silver Sox had no major league affiliate) we spent the rest of the afternoon dozing in the minivan. There were not many times I recall wondering whether we really wanted to do this, but Reno was one of them.

The Game

San Jose Giants 13 Reno Silver Sox 7

The only video I remember seeing on our Baseball Magazine segment from Reno was Sue wrapped in a blanket in the stands. The game was delayed for snow and frozen bases and took almost five hours to get through but we stayed until the, aptly named, bitter end.

The Box: (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Trip

After dropping off our friends at the Oakland airport to take the red-eye back east, Sue and I headed off into the night, slept a few hours in a parking lot and arrived in frosty Reno the next morning.

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