Day 4: April 12, 1991

Modesto, CA

What I Remember

My biggest recollection of this day is something that would feel utterly normal to most people, we slept in the same place we had the night before! Because our campsite, near Ripon, CA, was just about halfway between Stockton and Modesto we stayed there for two nights – a true luxury during the 1991 season for us.

Modesto’s John Thurman Stadium had a good crowd for a Friday night game and although it was never the fanciest park in the California League, it is a comfortable place to watch a game.

The Game

Modesto A’s 6 Visalia Oaks 4

Bronswell Patrick, who was the starter for Modesto in this game, receives just passing mention in this story but he was the big winner for the A’s over the course of the 1991 season. Patrick went 12-12 over the course of the year and ended up winning five major league games in 1998-99.

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Trip

If you look a bit to the west of the route here between Stockton and Modesto you will see Caswell Memorial State Park, which is where we actually traveled to Modesto from.

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