Day 8: April 16, 1991

San Francisco, CA

What I Remember

I got a speeding ticket, I remember that. We drove 54,000 miles in the summer of 1991 and only got one ticket but it happened just as we were entering the second week on a state highway in Chowchilla…a town that has been on my list of places not to return to ever since.

I remember thinking that Candlestick Park would be exotic in some way, I had seen it on television many times, but it was largely memorable for being chilly if not downright cold. All that said, it was the Dodgers vs the Giants and you don’t have to say much more than that to a baseball fan.

The Game

San Francisco Giants 8 Los Angeles Dodgers 6

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Trip

It was a pretty long game and it took awhile to get out of the parking lot after it so it was quite late when we made it back down to a state park in Half Moon Bay where we camped that night. Still, I remember the site, which was right on the beach, as one of my favorites of the entire season.

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