Day 19: April 27, 1991

Gallup, NM

What I Remember

If you are saying to yourself, “Self, I didn’t know there was a ballclub in Gallup, New Mexico in 1991” your confusion is justified. There wasn’t one then nor has there been one since. At just about the time of day that I am posting this, 30 years ago today, we had just crossed over the Arizona/New Mexico state line and were wondering with some concern whether we were going to make it to Albuquerque in time for a 7 pm game.

We were listening to a ballgame to pass the time and then, to our horror, learned that the game we were listening to was the Albuquerque Dukes, the team we were intending to see. They were in the 9th inning and we were still 200 miles away. Turns out that a Beach Boys concert had been scheduled for that night and what would normally have been a Saturday night game was shifted to Saturday afternoon instead.

Fearing that our baseball dream was over before it really started we pulled over in Gallup and after checking and rechecking schedules found that we could shift our game in Colorado Springs, which we had planned for Sunday, to August and see Albuquerque the next day. Thus, Day 19 was our first “day off” from a baseball park and the last we would have until August 10.

Footnote: We had snow on our tent when we woke up the next morning and the Colorado Springs game was snowed out.

The Trip

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