Day 20: April 28, 1991

Albuquerque, NM

Park # 19

What I Remember

Three things come back to me as I think about this visit to Albuquerque on a late April Sunday. The first was relief – relief that we had arrived in this other mile high city and found preparations for a baseball game underway. Albuquerque was a long way from anywhere else we would be seeing baseball that season.

The second thing I felt, probably literally the first, was the wind. It was really windy as I’ve come to understand it often is in this part of New Mexico and it was also cold, although sunny.

Finally, I remember an idea we never saw again on that trip although I have seen offshoots of it since. There was a bluff beyond the outfield fence and cars could park there for a small fee during the game and watch the action from there. Lots of people set up lawn chairs in the “Drive-In Baseball” lot but sitting in the car and listening on the radio got one out of the wind. We watched the beginning of the game from inside the park and then drove out there for the end.

The Game(s)

Tacoma Tigers 11 Albuquerque Dukes 3

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

Once again no program. I’m not sure how or why but we have almost every program from the whole season except a four-day stretch in late April. Perhaps we were worried about space in the back of the minivan but that problem would get a lot worse before it got better and, happily, we seem to have started getting the programs again on April 30. For now, here’s the box score and a look at the PCL Standings to that point in the season. Note the result of the Colorado Springs game we had originally planned to see on that Sunday.

The Trip

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