Day 21: April 29, 1991

El Paso, TX

Park # 20

What I Remember

Cohen Stadium was brand new, it had opened the previous season and I remember touring the skyboxes and the fancy new seating area and thinking that it was a far cry from most of the minor league parks we had seen. However, like the ballpark in Adelanto, CA the previous week, it’s shelf life was not that of many older stadiums. El Paso, which had become home to a Triple-A team, opened a new stadium downtown in 2014 and Cohen Stadium was torn down five years after that.

The Diablos (now called the El Paso Chihuahuas) had a tradition we didn’t see anywhere else. When a home player hit a dinger (a frequent occurrence at nearly 4,000 feet in elevation) the PA announcer would call out some version of “let’s get out the green for Ruben Escalera” and fans would walk down to the front row and stick dollar bills in the batting screen behind home plate. Once everyone had a few minutes to make a contribution the player would come out with his batting helmet and load it with bills to even more applause, it was pretty cool and we got plenty of chances to see it. The Diablos went yard four times in a 16-4 blowout..”Let’s hear it for John…Jaws…Jaha”

The Game(s)

El Paso Diablos 16 Wichita Wranglers 4

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

I don’t recall why I wrote Jimmy Patterson’s name on the Diablos pocket schedule but there it is, recorded for posterity.

The Trip

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