Day 26: May 4, 1991

Tulsa, OK

Park # 25

What I Remember

I remember rain…again. We were O for Oklahoma in 1991. I saw the teams in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa successfully complete games on my 2003 Extra Innings Tour but on the Excellent Adventure we struck out in The Sooner State.

The weather had been threatening when we left Wichita that Saturday morning but it was still not raining when we arrived at Drillers Stadium on the Tulsa State Fairgrounds early in the afternoon and in looking back at the video, it looked pretty likely that there would be baseball that evening. The teams were taking BP and there was no particular sign of trouble. However, my recollection of rain came from a bit later when, as we were sitting in parking lot, a torrential lightning storm, complete with tornado watches, ripped through and after a couple of hours the game was called. We went back inside, got a bit more video of the soggy surroundings and started driving toward a matinee the next day in Memphis.

The Game(s)

Shreveport Captains @ Tulsa Drillers Ppd-Rain

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

I have been finishing up Chapter Seven of In League with America today. It tells the story of a truly remarkable series of events in July of 1991 in which our Excellent Adventure was transformed from a travelogue for minor league baseball fans to a national news phenomenon. If Twitter was around then, #BillandSue would have been trending.

But as I look at the Tulsa Drillers program and get ready to post these pictures this afternoon I shake my head for a different reason and marvel at the…unusual…nature of our fandom. The Drillers scorecard has names written on it but there was no baseball played in Tulsa that day. I had forgotten this, but apparently after the game was called that evening we decided to listen to another game on the radio on the way to Memphis and I decided to keep score of that one instead until the signal faded out. Those are Red Sox and White Sox names on that scorecard. Go figure.

The Trip

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