Day 38: May 16, 1991

Savannah, GA

Park # 37

What I Remember

I remember Spanish Moss on the streets of Savannah outside Grayson Stadium. I remember plans for an unusual promotion and I remember that it rained.

We were rained out of our Thursday night game in Savannah. We left Macon fairly early and arrived in Savannah on a nice afternoon, unfortunately along the way we got about an hour of hard rain and that hour also left Grayson Stadium swamped.

We walked around the old park, not quite as old as Luther Williams Field but of the same era. We also went out on the soaking wet field to describe the plans for the aforementioned promotion. The members of the Cardinals front office had set of a diamond dig, burying diamonds and cubic zirconium in the infield and the ladies in attendance would have been invited to try to dig them up. It sounded interesting, but also like a groundskeeper’s nightmare.

The Game(s)

Columbia Mets @ Savannah Cardinals Ppd-Rain

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Trip

When we arrived to find out that the game had already been called in Savannah we gave momentary thought to trying to drive down to Jacksonville and see a game there and then double back to Savannah the next day. However, at this point we were beginning to come to grips with the fact that we would be unable to make up all the rainouts on the trip (this was the fourth since May 2nd) and thus we started to drive south but ended up going to Jacksonville the next day. I did see the Savannah Sand Gnats play at Grayson in 2003.

The Video

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