Day 41: May 19, 1991

Port St. Lucie, FL

Vero Beach, FL

Parks # 40 & 41

What I Remember

I remember a Double Dip. For the first few weeks of the Excellent Adventure our stop number equaled the days on the trip…it was one park per day for the first three weeks. But after our unscheduled off day in New Mexico at the end of April, you may have noticed that there was one fewer stadium than day on the trip, but this is the day they evened out again and for the rest of the journey the number of parks would continue to get progressively larger than the number of days. That is because, on many days like this one, we saw two parks in the same day.

We threw out the first pitch again at a Sunday matinee between the Lakeland Tigers and St. Lucie Mets and it didn’t take long to figure out why there are very few day games in the Florida State League, it was really hot and really humid but it was a pretty fast game.

After the game we drove up to Vero Beach, about an hour north up Interstate 95 and passed through showers along the way but the Miami Miracle and Vero Beach Dodgers got their game in…a late win for the visitors. Holman Stadium at Dodgertown was everything I thought it would be, steeped in Dodger history, and I thought it was a shame when LA moved their spring training west a few years back.


The Game(s)

Lakeland Tigers 3 St. Lucie Mets 2

Miami Miracle 6 Vero Beach Dodgers 5

The Boxes: (Click the arrows to see more images)

The Trip

The Videos

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