Day 49: May 27, 1991

Winter Haven, FL

Park # 52

What I Remember

I remember Johnny Pesky. The Red Sox would play only one more year after our trip in Winter Haven before departing for Fort Myers but they were still at Chain O’Lakes Park during the Excellent Adventure. The team’s staff introduced us to Pesky, the Red Sox legendary infielder and coach, during batting practice before the game and I recall that he was quite interested in the parks we had seen to that point.

I also remember Chain O’Lakes park, which sat right next to one of its eponymous lakes being a very pleasant place to watch a Sox/Yankees doubleheader.

The Games

Winter Haven Red Sox 5 Fort Lauderdale Yankees 4 (G1)

Fort Lauderdale Yankees 6 Winter Haven Red Sox 0 (G2)

The Box: (Click the arrows to see more images)

The Trip:

The Video:

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