Day 55: June 2, 1991

Spartanburg, SC

Greenville, SC

Parks # 59 & 60

What I Remember

Duncan Park in Spartanburg is a classic of minor league baseball. The last affiliated team to play there was the Phillies in 1994 and for several years recently, the old park, which opened in 1926, was without a regular tenant. But this spring a team in the wooden-bat Coastal Plain collegiate league has brought baseball back to renovated Duncan Park and it is on the short list of places I am most looking forward to returning to.

The stadium, like Luther Williams in Macon and others of its era, has a large covered grandstand and it is built into the side of a hill so that the parking lot outside is at multiple levels. It was a hot and hazy Sunday afternoon for our visit 30 years ago but I remember the park fondly.

My biggest recollection of our second park that day, however, is that the Greenville Braves had a tarp with the Morton Salt “If it Rains it Pours” slogan on it. You can probably guess why I remember it…we were rained out that evening in Greenville and missed the opportunity to see one of the better teams in minor league baseball that year.

The Games

Spartanburg Phillies 3 Charleston (WV) Wheelers 2

Chattanooga Lookouts @ Greenville Braves Ppd-Rain

The Boxes: (Click on the arrows to see more images)

Most of the programs we collected on our trip 30 years ago have stood up pretty well but those printed on newsprint had a tougher time. The S-Phils program seems to have been snacked on by some mice.

The Trip

The Videos:

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