Day 63: June 10, 1991

Lynchburg, VA

Park # 69

What I Remember

I remember the hills, they were everywhere. Lynchburg, Virginia is known as Hill City and it is an apt nickname, they are all over the city and surround the area. City Stadium is built into the side of a hill and in 1991, anyway, the parking lot sloped down from its crest near the front gate so that most of the parking spaces were painted at an angle. If you dropped your water bottle on getting out of the car I think you would have to travel several rows before getting it back.

It was only about a four hour drive from where we were camped near Virginia Beach but it felt longer than that and like we had entered a different world. The stop in Lynchburg reminded us of something that is much less true today – in 1991 minor league baseball was a small town game. Lynchburg was not in the middle of nowhere, several good size cities are within an hour or two’s drive, but it feels like its own city, not a suburb or offshoot of somewhere else. We happened to be there on a Monday night, Church Bulletin night, when a bulletin from a house of worship of any denomination got fans in for a dollar – it pays to pray.

The Game

Lynchburg Red Sox 6 Peninsula Pilots 3

The Box: (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Video:

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