Day 64: June 11, 1991

Salem, VA

Park # 70

What I Remember

Salem, Virginia seemed like a strange place for a Carolina League team. Most of the teams in the league were in pretty good-sized towns, Durham, Winston-Salem, Frederick, even Lynchburg. But Salem wasn’t even the largest town in its area. Roanoke was, and is, nearly three times as big and only a few miles away but there is no team there and the team remains in Salem to this day.

The park wasn’t much to look at in those days, a good bit of the seating was on cement slabs but the team had built a new and very nice replacement by the time I came back in 2003. The area around Salem was beautiful, though and the view from the park is pretty. It is right on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains and we camped at at park for two nights that was about halfway between Lynchburg and Salem.

The Game

Kinston Indians 7 Salem Buccaneers 1

The Box: (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Video:

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