Day 79: June 26, 1991

Princeton, WV

Bluefield, VA

Parks # 86 & 87

What I Remember

I remember thinking that Bowen Field in Bluefield, VA was a fine place for my favorite team’s players to begin their career. The Baltimore Orioles had sent their rookies to this historic ballpark since 1958 and when the affiliation between Baltimore and Bluefield ended in 2010 it was the longest such relationship in baseball.

The Princeton Reds, which we saw first that day was just the opposite, they were just beginning a new affiliation and Princeton was only in its fourth season of having a team at all. If you watch the video below you will see to two quite different ballparks.

The Games

Princeton Reds 6 Martinsville Phillies 4

Elizabethton Twins 8 Bluefield Orioles 4

The Boxes: (Click on the arrows to see more images)

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