Day 83: June 30, 1991

Canton, OH

Park # 92

What I Remember

The fortunes of a minor league baseball team are pretty variable. Players get called up and sent down and great teams become average and vice-versa. By the time the 1991 season ended the Canton-Akron Indians had become fairly average, they finished fourth in the Eastern League. But when we saw the team on the Excellent Adventure, 30 years ago today, they were one of the best teams in minor league baseball.

The middle of this Double-A team’s lineup that day consisted of Jim Thome, Carlos Martinez and Reggie Jefferson all of which went on to very successful major league careers. The timing of this visit wasn’t the best for us, however. The Indians pounded out 17 hits and 15 runs on a blazing hot Sunday afternoon and by the time we left Thurman Munson Memorial Stadium that day we were…wilted.

The Game

Canton-Akron Indians 15 Hagerstown Suns 3

The Box: (Click on the arrows to see more images)

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