Day 84: July 1, 1991

Columbus, OH

Park # 93

What I Remember

Cooper Stadium in Columbus goes back, under various names, to 1931 when the Columbus Red Birds played at the park. However, for me, it does not elicit the same nostalgia that even parks that are younger do.

Part of that almost certainly has to do with the fact that when we visited Columbus the field was artificial turf – never a selling point for me. It might have also been the park’s location, which was a few miles from the downtown ballpark the Clippers play in today. It also happened to be stormy weather that night.

All that said, I remember the Clippers staff being as nice and accommodating as they could have been, they even got us a hotel room when it became clear that our campsite was getting drenched in an evening thunderstorm.

The Game

Columbus Clippers 7 Buffalo Bisons 6

The Box (Click the arrows below for more images)

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