Day 87: July 4, 1991

Reading, PA

Park # 96

What I Remember

I do not remember as much of our 4th of July evening with the Reading Phillies as I would like and I had to rewatch the video we shot that evening to get a sense for what Reading’s Municipal Memorial Stadium was like at the time. It had gotten some significant renovations and be rechristened First Energy Stadium by the time I went back in 2003.

I had been hoping for a day game on the 4th and it started at the regular Thursday night hour of 7 pm but in almost all other respects Reading was a perfect place to watch a game on this national holiday. The stadium, while not as old as many in the minors at the time, was already a classic. It had a high overarching roof over the grandstand, two levels of fence signs ringing the outfield and a wide concessions concourse painted in the Phillies red and white underneath the stands.

There was a tall Uncle Sam complete with pin striped pants roaming the stands, the boy scouts carried out the flag for the national anthem, it was America’s Pastime at its best. We even got extra innings.

The Game

Williamsport Bills 5 Reading Phillies 2 (12 Inns)

The Box (Click on the arrows below to see more images)

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