Day 91: July 8, 1991

Albany, NY

Park # 100

What I Remember

I can’t help feeling a little sad and nostalgic when I think about stop #100 on the Excellent Adventure, Albany’s Heritage Park. Part of it is the significance of the number. Not many people get to see a hundred baseball parks in one season, let alone 178. But there is more than that. Baseball is long gone from New York’s Capital District. The Double-A Albany-Colonie Yankees moved out in 1994, 27 years ago. Heritage Park is gone too, it was demolished in 2009 and nothing remains to show that this team existed.

It was a lovely setting, though. The park was only 20 years old when it closed for good and aside from its location right next door to one of the nation’s oldest Shaker villages, there was not much notable about it. But there were farms and orchards, even an historical cemetery. It felt like we were visiting an historical park with a ballgame thrown in. I think this comes across in tonight’s video, embedded below.

The Game

Albany-Colonie Yankees 8 Harrisburg Senators 0

The Box: (Click the arrows below for more images)

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