Day 97: July 14, 1991

Erie, PA

Park # 106

What I Remember

We were in Erie on a beautiful mid summer day and I remember that the Sunday start time of 6 pm allowed the whole game to be played in daylight. Ainsworth Field was not a beautiful park and it certainly wasn’t fancy, the players had to dress in the school that also served as the primary feature of the ballpark beyond the right field wall. I thought it was a factory when we first saw it, since it was a huge brick building, but Sue correctly identified it as a school on our video.

Erie’s newer UPMC park, opened as Jerry Uht Park in 1995 and was nicer in every respect but the city of Erie has some great memories in the old stadium, which now dates back almost 100 years.

The Game

Erie Sailors 11 Pittsfield Mets 10

The Box: (Click on the arrows below for more images)

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