Day 98: July 15, 1991

Hamilton, ON

Welland, ON

Parks # 107 & 108

What I Remember

Neither of these towns were long for the world of affiliated minor league baseball and I feel fortunate to have seen them when we did. By the 1995 season both franchises had moved south of the border and a minor league baseball landscape that in 1991 included eight teams in Canada has winnowed to just one, in Vancouver, BC.

It’s funny, Hamilton’s Bernie Arbour Stadium was an aging facility, even by New York Penn League standards and Welland’s brand new field Welland Stadium was lovely but I think I almost preferred the former. There was something classically minor league about the place, check it out when I post the Week 14 recap video tomorrow night.

The Games

Hamilton Redbirds 8 Watertown Indians 2

Welland Pirates 10 Oneonta Yankees 8

The Boxes: (Click on the arrows below for more images)

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