Day 102: July 19, 1991

Watertown, NY

Park # 113

What I Remember

I remember going to the fair. My aunt and uncle and my cousins had lived in the Thousand Islands, not far from Watertown, for most of my childhood and I went to visit them and hang out with my cousins for a week or so every summer. At least twice during those childhood trips we made the drive into Watertown for the Jefferson County Fair and thus I was surprised, when we pulled into stop #113 and found that it was a ballpark on those very same fairgrounds.

Aunt Pat and Uncle Al went to the game with us that night and so while I visited, Sue did most of the filming. The Fairgrounds were all set up but the fair had not yet begun. There are some nice moments in the video, however, where the Ferris Wheel is in the background behind the game shots and Sue found one of the few fried dough booths we saw that summer.

Like many of its smaller city brethren, the Watertown franchise left before the end of the decade and became the Staten Island Yankees.

The Game

Oneonta Yankees 9 Watertown Indians 8

The visitors from Oneonta produced a late rally, scoring five times in the 9th inning to steal a 9-8 victory over the Indians. Batting 9th in the lineup that night for the O’ Yanks was their second baseman who was also a catcher. Jorge Posada was 19 that summer in Upstate New York.

The Box: (Click the arrows below to see more images)

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