Day 106: July 23, 1991

Syracuse, NY

Park # 118

What I Remember

The day was a homecoming for me since we went back to Syracuse, New York where I went to college. But before we got to that we ended a kind of homecoming for Sue. Her grandmother lived in Binghamton and, as noted in the last two posts, we stayed there for three nights while seeing the parks in that area. Before we left town, the local paper came out to interview us for a feature that ran the next day. It was a nice story because of Sue’s family connection and it is included in the gallery below.

Syracuse was an early lesson that things often look different based on your perspective. When I first saw Syracuse’s MacArthur Stadium, while trying out for a job as a play-by-play broadcaster, I thought it was a nice enough but very little stadium. My only frame of reference at the time had been New York’s major league stadiums, which I had seen growing up. But after getting a job at a much smaller park in Macon, Georgia soon after college remembered the Syracuse stadium as being quite large by comparison. In reality, MacArthur Stadium, which was demolished to make way for a new stadium a few seasons later, was on the smaller and older side of the Triple-A ballpark spectrum, particularly by today’s standards.

We also met up with a film crew from ABC World News tonight in Syracuse, they would spend the next two days following us on the road.

The Game

Toledo Mud Hens 5 Syracuse Chiefs 1

The Box: (Click the arrows below for more images)

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