Day 107: July 24, 1991

Rochester, NY

Park # 119

What I Remember

I have not often in my life had a network film crew follow me around for three days so having ABC News there with us in Rochester was memorable. So was the fact that my friend Tim Ashe, who incidentally is probably the only person that has read all 107 days of this blog thus far, drove over from New Hampshire to surprise us at the game and then turned around and drove home afterward.

Silver Stadium, like many of the parks of its era, was nearing the end of its days as a professional facility. Just the day before we had seen an article in the Syracuse paper about money woes the team in Rochester was having and it was thought that a new stadium, complete with sky boxes to lure corporate dollars, would help.

There was a nice feature story about our trip in the Democrat and Chronicle, see below and we did a radio talk show interview at a local radio station before leaving town the next day. But while I remember a lot from that night in Rochester, I had forgotten that Mike Mussina pitched for the Red Wings. He was a favorite of mine when pitching for the Baltimore Orioles a few seasons later.


The Game

Rochester Red Wings 4 Toledo Mud Hens 3

The Box: (Click the arrows below for more images)

We entered a new stage in the Excellent Adventure as we left Syracuse and headed for Rochester on that Wednesday morning with our trailing ABC film crew in tow, we had come as far east as we would go until late September, we were headed west on the home stretch.

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