Day 108: July 25, 1991

Jamestown, NY

Park # 120

What I Remember

I don’t know why I remember this most, but I remember that the Jamestown Expos had a wizard for a mascot. Maybe it was memorable because it seemed so random but he had the complete outfit with a wizard’s hat, a purple cape and his own cauldron where he presumably brewed his potions

I also remember the strange effect that the ABC film crew had on some members of the crowd during our game that night. Our relatively small video camera looked like what it was, which was a home camcorder. The ABC News cameras were the real deal and people, particularly kids, seemed captivated by them and wondered why they were following us.

The Game

Jamestown Expos 3 Pittsfield Mets 0

The Box: (Click the arrows below for more images)

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