Day 14: April 22, 1991

Los Angeles, CA

What I Remember

Day 14 of the Excellent Adventure was notable for one thing – it was one of only two times all season (the other was Montreal when the stadium roof was crumbling) that we did not shoot video inside the stadium we were visiting. No matter how we tried to spin it or whose name we dropped the diligent Dodgers staff would not let us in with our video camera and thus our only footage of fabled Chavez Ravine is from the parking lot outside.

Score one for officious dunderheads in positions of (limited) power.

The Game

Atlanta Braves 7 Los Angeles Dodgers 1

Baseball fans (and sportswriters for that matter) tend to place too much emphasis on the results of the previous season when making predictions about a new one so I’m guessing that few people attending this game (certainly not I) saw it for what it would become – a game with a division crown on the line. The Braves had finished last in the NL West the previous year, 21 games behind the second-place Dodgers. But it was Atlanta that won this one and they went on to edge out the Dodgers for the division title by…one game. Maybe if Dem Bums had just let us in with our camera?

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Trip

We had driven back to Steve Easler’s place after San Bernardino so this Monday game was a rarity, a day we had very little drive at all.

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