Day 32: May 10, 1991

Little Rock, AR

Park # 31

What I Remember

I remember a big screen over the outfield wall. Ray Winder Field was right next to a freeway (Interstate 630) in downtown Little Rock. The team’s General Manager, former umpire Bill Valentine, told us that a few times every season balls would be shot over the outfield wall and into traffic causing all kinds of mayhem. The screen was erected to stop that.

I also remember Little Rock being in the middle of a crazy stretch of travel. We left right after the game and spent most of the hours until game time the next day getting to San Antonio, a matter of 600-plus miles. The day before Little Rock we were in Jackson, MS, the day after San Antonio we were in Houston. Who made up this schedule?

The Game(s)

Shreveport Captains 7 Arkansas Travelers 4

The Box (Click on the arrows to see more images)

The Trip

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